Workshop Program

The ECML/PKDD 2007 conference will take place at Warsaw University Central Campus. The AAIP workshop will take place in the Old Library building in rooms 105 and 107 (see program below).

Session 1 (9:00-10:30 in Room 105)

9:05 Invited talk by Roland Olsson: Automatic Design of Algorithms Through Evolution (ADATE)
9:50 Work in progress report by Martin Dostal: A Functional Approach to Evolving Recursive Programs
10:10 Work in progress report by Alon Itai and Michael Slavkin: Detecting Data Structures from Traces

10:30-11:00, Coffe break.

Session 2 (11:00-12:30 in Room 105)

11:00 Full paper by Emanuel Kitzelmann: Data-Driven Induction of Recursive Functions from Input/Output-Examples
11:30 Invited talk by Lutz Hamel: An Inductive Programming Approach to Algebraic Specification
12:15General Discussion

Session 3 (16:00-17:00 in Room 107)

16:00Discussion of future collaborations