Abstrakte Datentypen und Collections

(from Axel T. Schreiner, Java Lecture at RIT, Fall 2000)

adt abstract data types
adt/MyCollection.java interface for container class
interfaces for visitor pattern
adt/ Test.java main program for tests
java adt.Test [-i] class < text-file
java adt.Test [-i] class add - sub # . ...
adt/array/ implementations with arrays
adt/array/MyCollection.java multiple insertion, fixed length array
adt/array/Bag.java multiple insertion, dynamic array
adt/array/Set.java single insertion, identity comparison
adt/array/EquivalenceSet.java single insertion, comparison with equals()
adt/hash/ implementations with open hash tables
adt/hash/MyCollection.java base class: open hash table with MyColelction objects
adt/hash/Bag.java multiple insertions
adt/hash/Set.java single insertion, identity comparison
adt/hash/EquivalenceSet.java single insertion, comparison with equals()
adt/list/ implementations with doubly linked lists
adt/list/Bag.java multiple insertions; top-level nested class
adt/list/Set.java single insertion, identity comparison
adt/list/EquivalenceSet.java single insertion, comparison with equals()
adt/tree/ implementations with binary search trees (JDK >= 1.2)
adt/tree/Set.java single insertion, all inner classes, output with an array