End of project

The project expired with end of September 2010. The development of the Haskell Igor2 version was ceased.

Igor2 version 0.8.0 uploaded

The latest Igor2 version 0.8.0 for Haskell is online as Cabal package and Win32 binary.

AAIP09 Post-Proceedings at Springer

The AAIP Workshop Post-Proceedings have been published as Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) volume 5812 (LNCS)


Two appers have been accepted for oral presentation at the PEPM workshop on the POPL conference 2010 in Madrid.

Article in HCAR 08

An article about IgorII appeared in the fifteenth edition of the "Haskell Communities and Activities Report"

Visiting Researcher O. Monakhov

Oleg Monakhov from the Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch is visiting our group from 19th of Sept. to 21st of Nov. 2009, funded by DAAD.

Visiting Researcher S. Katayama

Susumu Katayama from Miyzaki University Japan is visiting from 7th to 10th September. He was the host of Martin Hofmann who spent a two month research visit at his department in summer 2009, funded by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.

Igor2 in Haskell

A first Haskell version of IgorII is available as cabal package in the Download section

JSPS Fellowship granted

A research fellowship of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science has been granted to Martin Hofmann. He will spent two month as a visiting researcher in the department of Susumu Katayama at the University of Miyazaki in Japan in summer 2009.

Ray Kurzweil Prize

The Best Paper Prize at AGI09 has been awarded to N. Crossley, E. Kitzelmann, M. Hofmann, and U. Schmid for their paper Combining Analytical and Evolutionary Inductive Programming.


Our group, together with Rinus Plasmeijer, is organising the next workshop on Approaches and Applications of Inductive Programming 2009 (AAIP'09).

Article in HCAR 08

An article about IgorII appeared in the fifteenth edition of the "Haskell Communities and Activities Report"

Major Overhaul

The page has been updated, especially the Download and the Members section. New section Activities added.

New example data

New example data for various IP systems (as used in AGI-09 paper submission) is now available in the download section.

Publications updated

The list of publications has been updated

Homepage online

This site is now online as official project homepage.



picture of members

Kitzelmann, Bauer, Schmid, Hofmann

Current Members

Project Students

  • Thorsten Spiekers
    summer 10
    Empirical evaluation of different heuristics
    Implementation of a preprocessor for convenient use of integers
  • Olga Yanenko
    fall 09
    Visualisation of IgorII's search space
  • Thomas Hieber
    summer 09
    Implementing a web interface for IgorII
    winter 08/09
    Student Project: Comparison of IP Systems and Building of a Problem Repository
    summer 08
    Student Project: Development of an Eclipse Plug-In for Learning XSL Transformations from Edit-Traces
  • Nora Fteimi
    summer 08
    Development of an parsing Library for Igor2 ouput together with a generic printing interface in Java
  • Florian Bader
    summer 08
    Implementing a GUI for Igor2