Last Minute Changes and Notices

Displayed in inverse chronological order. Last updated 30.9.2012, 1:41

Satellite Syposium

The satellite symposium of NEPS will finish at 16:00. There will be a 30 min break before the plenary talk of Mike Oaksford.

Conference Phone

The organisers will be available for urgent request by phone (+49 176 20 80 47 77). The conference phone will be in service from Sunday, noon until the end of the conference on Wednesday.

Invited Symposium Linguistic vs. Non-Linguistic Knowledge

The sequence of talks in the invited symposium Linguistic vs. Non-Linguistic Knowledge has changed. Additionally, the coffee break takes place from 10:45–11:00. The new sequence of talks can be found on the symposia page.

Tutorial Cognitive Modeling with ACT-R

Rebecca Albrecht will support Marco Ragni giving the tutorial Cognitive Modeling with ACT-R (Monday, 11:00–15:00, M3/00.16).

Poster Session

The posters have been renumbered. Please find the new poster numbers in the conference programme.

Symposium Clinical Applications of Cognitive Science

The symposium Clinical Applications of Cognitive Science (Wednesday, 9:30–13:00, M3/00.16) will not be held in German. However, the last talk "Pressing the Brain's Reset Button – is Electroconvulsive Therapy Still an Option?" by Christoph Ziegelmayer will be given in German.

Invited Symposium Spatial Cognition

The invited symposium Spatial Cognition (Tuesday, 11:00–15:00, M3N/02.32) will be chaired by Gerhard Strube.

Dinner Vouchers

Please note that vouchers for the conference dinner are inside your batch (yellow paper marked voucher). Please do not forget to bring the vouchers to the conference dinner. They will be collected there.

Room change 01.10 to 02.10

Events scheduled for room M3/01.10 will take place in room M3/02.10.