The conference is located at Markusplatz marked with a cyan pin in the map below .
For your convenience we have arranged reserved rooms in hotels and youth hostels. Most rooms are kept free until July 2012. Differing deadlines are noted. More detailed information (webpages, addresses, and prices) can be found in the list below.

If you intend to book a non-reserved room the Bamberg Tourism & Congress Service might be of help. Please note that Bamberg attracts many tourists each year and additionally hosts the “Landesgartenschau” 2012. So rooms will be fully booked soon.


Please use the coupon code “KogWis2012” during the booking process.

Barockhotel Vorderer Bach

3 SR (69€), 4 DR (single occupation, 76€)

Best Western Hotel (reserved until June 2012)

30 SR (85€)

Hotel Bamberger Hof

20 SR (85€)

Hotel Central

5 SR (48€), 4 DR (single occupation, 53€)

Hotel Europa

Unexpected increase in prices as of 22nd June

7 SR (69€), 9 DR (99€; 89€ for single occupation)

Hotel National

15 SR (59€)

Hotel Tandem

5 DR (single occupation, 110€)

Ibis Hotel Bamberg

15 SR (66€)

Youth Hostels

Please use the coupon code “KogWis12” during the booking process.

Jugendgästehaus am Kaulberg

30 Persons (from 28,30€, regular prices)

Jugendherberge Bamberg-Wolfsschlucht

20 Persons (from 21,90€, regular prices)